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2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
Anouk has read 4 books toward her goal of 15 books.

For school I’m looking up the core goals of elementary education.
I want to claw my fucking eyes out.

"Children will learn […] the role of a citizen."

"Children will learn to behave in a way stemming from respect for the commonly accepted values and standards."

"Children will learn how to protect themselves again sexual agression."
(Obviously we don’t need to teach them how not to be sexually agressive.)

And might I add that instead of the 10+ goals for subjects such as maths and languages, there are only 3 goals for the arts and just 2 for physical activities?

And okay, they’ve included that children ‘must learn about the diversity present in a multi-cultural culture such as the Dutch one’ and it seems the government is finally catching up with some things because sex ed now needs to include lessons on sexual diversity (which I hope -but doubt- will include more than just homo- and biseksuality) but by god ._.

I’m feeling distinctly brainwashed right now. Can I undo my education and start anew?

Making a mindmap about my future plans for sustainable living.

Cobbling together a greenhouse from recycled windows and glass doors is going to have to be a thing.

In the last three days, I:

- Walked in a protest march (and bruised my thumb knuckle something good)
- Asked an almost-family member who I am always rather nervous around if she’d be okay with being filmed for a school project
- Fell asleep in my clothes
- Randomly started my period
- Had a rather agressive heart-to-heart with my boyfriend
- Walked into the guy I sort-of lost my virginity to and haven’t spoken to in almost three years, with aforementioned boyfriend by my side
- Spent almost 5 hours travelling by bus just to get to band practise and back

I am tired to the bone. Excuse me while I never wake up again.

I just spent the better part of my day making a sculpture that resembles 20 hacked-up boobs glued together.

From chocolate.

Art school is weird, man.

The fact that teachers seem to think that ‘holiday’ means they can give us twice the usual amount of work and give us half the usual time to complete it deeply offends me.